High Grade 420 LED style neon sign.


High Grade 420 led neon style sign for Wall decor is perfect for a friend who loves himself some good high-quality marijuana. This sign is fully customizable. 


NB: This picture represents how the neon sign will look. We guarantee that this sign will be a large neon wall art to place in your home or chill spot perfect present for a fan and DJ studio.


We guarantee you quality. If not, we accept refunds and exchanges.


What comes in the package?


  • Size:80cm x 45 cm
  • High-Grade decor piece 
  • High-Quality Australian PVC led Tubes
  • White or Black Ac adapter Compatible with your country requirements
  • 4 wall attachment screws or Mirror Attachments
  • One Year  Warranty (terms applied )
  • Free express 2 -3 day worldwide shipping to Uk, USA, Canada, and Australia



Where can I put my neon sign?


With Neon, we give the many options of attachment to suit your want and needs.

This sign could be placed :


  1. Gym
  2. Condo
  3. Restaurant
  4. Commercial interior signs
  5. Bar
  6. Recording Studio
  7. Party


  • Overall size: W 12"x H 8.5" (W 300mm x H 210mm). Use LED as a light source, and life span is longer than 100,000 hours. The default colour is shown in the first gallery picture; if you need to change to other colours (either blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange or white), please contact us after payment is confirmed.
  • Provide a 5 ft/ 1.5m white wire with ON/OFF switch function. (US plug 110v to USA & CA) (UK plug 240v to UK) (AU plug 240v to AU & NZ) (EU plug 240v to EU & other countries)
  • Highlighted features: The aluminum light box is redesigned in modern round sharp like the gallery picture shown, making the product look more elegant and easy to fix on the wall (We do not use the thin plastic light bar, which may damage easily). All signs are engraved with clear acrylic. They are transparent and do not have a black background.
  • Every sign produced by ADV PRO Shop should have a laser sticker like the gallery picture shown; it represents a high-quality product & has passed the quality control. With this sticker on the product, you enjoy a 1-Year Limited Warranty for the light. If you can't find the laser sticker on the product, it may be a copycat product.
  • ADV PRO signs are carved by the latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies (attractive in all directions). We do not use laser eng.


High Grade 420 LED style neon sign (hand made wall art )

Neon Type
Backboard Color
Acrylic Board Shape
Price Options
One-time purchase
Pay it off and then get your sign
C$128.99weekly/ auto-renew
  • Support

    Email: neonooen@gmail.com


  • Shipping

    Shipping is completely free world no extra charges. 

    Production 2-5 business days 

    Shipping is 2-4 business days 



  • Warranty

     1 year free warranty.

  • Downpayment

    How does the downpayment/subscription works?



    Well its pretty self explanatory, but for those who are having trouble understanding how the subscription works, here is how:


    The subscription is perfect for those who want to pay off a neon sign.




     We DO NOT NEED A CREDIT CHECK to get it started; anyone can pay for a subscription for a neon sign and get it after paying it off, whether you spend daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


    We will start producing once you have paid 50% of the price indicated; we will notify you when you have reached the 50% threshold.


    You can pay whenever you want, and you can pay it off if you wish to after several days, and you can pick up your sign or have it shipped or delivered for free.

  • Make your own neon Price list

    Price List  to make your led sign


    $4.25 per cm  under 100cm 

    $6 per cm over 100cm 


    The prices below also include these following ( Labour, ac adapter, wall attachment, and the neon sign )




    Width in cm

    45cm = $191.25

    50cm = $212.50

    55cm = $233.75

    60cm = $255

    65cm - $276.25

    70cm = $297.50

    75cm = $318.75

    80cm = $340

    85cm = $361.25

    90cm = $382.50

    95cm = $403.75

    100cm = $600

    120cm = $720

    130cm = $$780

    150cm = $900

    200cm = $1200

    250cm = $1500



    Width in inches

    17.7 inches: $191.25

    19.6 inches: $212.50

    21.6 inches $233.75

    23.6 inches $255

    25.5 inches $276.25

    27.5 inches  $297.50

    29.5 inches  $318.75

    31.4 inches $340

    33.4 inches $361.25

    35 inches  $382.50

    37.4 inches $403.75

    39.3 inches $600

    47.2 inches $720

    51.18 inches $780

    59 inches $ 900

    78.7 inches $1200

    98.4 inches $1500

    Uv print :5%

    Multicolor: $50

    Dimmer : $25 

    Waterproof option $120

    Glass neon sign is 15% more than PVC neon.

    If you place your order with us within 3 days, I will give you 5% discount on your custom sign.


    Extra Large Neon signs take up 12-13 business days to complete. Making your own neon sign can be fun at times but making a professional do it is so much safer.


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