Blessed  Neon Sign


Buy this beautifully handmade neon sign and hang it on those boring empty walls in your housing or commercial space. Blessed Neon Sign is just perfect for you. 




  1. starting from 45cm or 1.45ft 
  2. neon type: PVC
  3. Black or white Ac adapter
  4. Wall attachments (holes in each corner for installation ) 
  5. Dimmer Remote

6. Clear Acrylic (Board)

7.  Color: Standard Color


optional services

Multi colors option: $50

Waterproof Shell :$125



If you would like to modify this sign, please contact support, and we are more than happy to help you


Neonz guarantees quality and your money's worth. This handmade neon flex sign is made with an acrylic board. We will print the Powerpuff girl on the board on the acrylic board, and then we will place the neon flex tube on the acrylic board to give it this beautiful end piece.


Neon Signs are famous for using backdrops and indoor commercial use to capture the attention of potential customers.





If you are interested in adjusting anything on this sign, feel free to contact us at


Production will take 3-7 business days 

Shipping is 1-3 days

Blessed Neon Sign

C$175.00 Regular Price
C$166.25Sale Price
Backboard Shape
Backboard Color
  • FAQ

    Where exactly are you located?

    We are located in Brampton, Stores have been closed due to covid measures so we now operate from home.


    What kind of Neon do you have?

    • Glass
    • Pvc
    • Silicone
    • Acrylic 

    How long is the  production?

    Production time is based on the waitlist and time you place your order. Average time now is 5 - 12 business days. Some orders we get take a lot of time but it never passes 12 business days.

    What happen if my product is faulty or not working when it has arrived?

     You can contact support with evidence and we will refund you a portion or replacement depending on how big the damage it is ? Most times when product is wrong faulty we will replace the item and collect the faulty item from your address if you are located to one our nearest workshops.

    Can you make any custom signs?

    Yes, we can make most designs. There are guidelines to making sure we can create your sign.

    Guidelines. ( Lines are not overlapping each other)

    If you give us picture with fill in colours we can use our uv machine to fill the colour in and border the outlines in neon. Uv services ranges from $35 - $100 depending on detailed you want the print to be


    Can we design the acrylic board?

    Yes, we can uv print almost any design on the acrylic board for an extra charge.

    Can I request a smaller size?

    It depends on the type of neon you choose. Glass neon can be bent down to 30cm.

    Pvc neon or Silicone Neon signs depends on the complexity of the design, the thickness of these tubes ranges from 5mm - 10mm. In order to make the sign look like your design, we would have to give you minimum recommended size.

    What comes in  a standard  package?

    • Neon Sign
    •  Dimmer Remote
    • Ac Adapter

    Can I adjust a premade sign on your site?

    yes you can adjust anything. Conditions may be applied