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What comes with the package


- Neon sign 

-  wall mount ( screws or sticky back or chains)

- Clear 2m clear extension plug

- Controller 

- Remote ( depending on the size )


Please contact us if you want to modify this design on WhatsApp 289 889 1609


The perfect way to design your new chill spot with our lightweight neon sign made for adults, business, or small functions. Please message us on Whatsapp +1 289 889 1609 or email us at  if you are having trouble purchasing.



Neon type: Led flex neon ( not waterproof only acrylic neon )



Contact us if you want a glass neon sign or an acrylic neon 12898891609 - whatsapp



Acrylic Neon Sign 



-Long life span

- Acrylic Panel/board ( black or clear )

- Cut to Edge shape or full board

-Pvc Neon tube 

- Clear 2m clear extension plug

- Controller 

- Easy Installation ( Screw, wire rope for hanging for ceilings, etc)




- Window display

- Art Decor 

- Man Cave 

- Play Room 

- Bar

-Pub and Club


3 Categories of Neon signs


- Led Neon Sign (also called faux neon)


Low voltage and safe to touch great for public areas 

 We can match exactly match fonts unlike neon glass so it is the best option for brands.


Glass Neon Features


- Transformer, Glass tube

- Very Bright

-Classic and Vintage

-Outdoor Using

- Voltage (input 100v -260v) + (Output 1000v+)

-Back Panel - acrylic back panel/ Metal back metal shelf/ hard pvc panel/ metal letter- frames

- Package - pack in ply cartons


Price: is decided by design and size 


Glass neons are perfect bars and restaurants or attraction areas outside


Whatsapp if you want customize a neon sign. 1 289 889 1609 

Arches n' Angels Custom Neon sign


    Upon receipt of the returned product, we will fully examine it and notify you via e-mail, within a reasonable period of time, whether you are entitled to a refund or a replacement as a result of the defect. If you are entitled to a replacement or refund, we will replace the product or refund the purchase price, using the original method of payment.


    Shipping usually take 10 business days after purchase to be shipped to your address.

    If you would like express shipping please contact on our website and we can arrange and express fee for you for an extra cost.

  • F.A.Q


    Where exactly are you located?

    We are located in Brampton, Stores have been closed due to covid measures so we now operate from home.


    What kind of Neon do you have?

    • Glass
    • Pvc
    • Silicone
    • Acrylic 

    How long is the  production?

    Production time is based on the waitlist and time you place your order. Average time now is 5 - 12 business days. Some orders we get take a lot of time but it never passes 12 business days.

    What happen if my product is faulty or not working when it has arrived?

     You can contact support with evidence and we will refund you a portion or replacement depending on how big the damage it is ? Most times when product is wrong faulty we will replace the item and collect the faulty item from your address if you are located to one our nearest workshops.

    Can you make any custom signs?

    Yes, we can make most designs. There are guidelines to making sure we can create your sign.

    Guidelines. ( Lines are not overlapping each other)

    If you give us picture with fill in colours we can use our uv machine to fill the colour in and border the outlines in neon. Uv services ranges from $35 - $100 depending on detailed you want the print to be


    Can we design the acrylic board?

    Yes, we can uv print almost any design on the acrylic board for an extra charge.

    Can I request a smaller size?

    It depends on the type of neon you choose. Glass neon can be bent down to 30cm.

    Pvc neon or Silicone Neon signs depends on the complexity of the design, the thickness of these tubes ranges from 5mm - 10mm. In order to make the sign look like your design, we would have to give you minimum recommended size.

    What comes in  a standard  package?

    • Neon Sign
    •  Dimmer Remote
    • Ac Adapter

    Can I adjust a premade sign on your site?

    yes you can adjust anything. Conditions may be applied





  • Downpayment

    How does the downpayment/subscription works?



    Well its pretty self explanatory, but for those who are having trouble understanding how the subscription works, here is how:


    The subscription is perfect for those who want to pay off a neon sign.




     We DO NOT NEED A CREDIT CHECK to get it started; anyone can pay for a subscription for a neon sign and get it after paying it off, whether you spend daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


    We will start producing once you have paid 50% of the price indicated; we will notify you when you have reached the 50% threshold.


    You can pay whenever you want, and you can pay it off if you wish to after several days, and you can pick up your sign or have it shipped or delivered for free.