Customer Clarification

Our company mainly focuses on customer satisfaction. Let us help you understand how neonz works.


  1. Measurement: is very important because it tells us how much neon will be used on your sign and therefore we can quote you better.

  2. Our website offers 4 different neon signs: Custom made, premade, predesign, metal back sign that comprises of a front metal and a back neon strip.

  3. The neon is covered in a clear acrylic application to keep the customer safe and so that the customer can easily use our 3 different of installation by glue, screws, or hanger.


All of our products are made by hand.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions please feel free to email us at our staff work 9 am-5 pm Monday to Friday, Pacific Time, and will answer your email the same day or the very next day.

If you want an immediate quote please feel free to Whatsapp us 2898891609, where Damien our team leader will address your interest.

- Neonz.


We all ship LED signs worldwide. Any LED design listed in our online store can be there are some products on our online store that only ship to customers in the USA. If a product does not have a globe icon or a US/Canada flag icon then the item only ships to the USA.

*Free shipping for orders over $150 using code FREESHIP is for orders placed on our online store and with our neon customizer only. Other custom orders do not qualify for free shipping as shipping prices can range greatly based on the size of the custom piece and their location.

Customs fees, import fees, duties, and taxes. We ship products all over the world. Each country has its own rules and fees for products imported into the said country. It is important that you are aware of your own countries import laws and fees before you buy. Neonz. does not charge you any of these fees or taxes, and we're not able to pay these on your behalf. These fees are your responsibility and are not covered by the shipping fees we charge you. Our shipping fees only cover the transport of the product. If you're unsure about your government's import fees you can most likely find that information online on your government's website or any other websites that cover global shipping and logistics.

How long will your neon sign last?

The life of a neon sign is dependent on how frequently it's used. The luminous tubes in the signs usually last for 5 to 7 years, though in the right environment, a tube has the ability to last longer. Things that affect transformer life are heat and electrical surges/consistency of your electrical supply. All of the neon signs shown on our website are designed for indoor use.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Paypal

- Offline Payments


How to clean your neon sign?

If you want to dust or clean your neon sign, be sure to unplug the sign first. Then, use a feather duster or soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust from the bulbs. Never take a liquid cleaner to your sign.

My sign arrived damaged, what do I do next?

If your neon sign shows up and has been broken during shipping, please email us within 24 hours of the delivery. The best thing for you to do is to take pictures of the broken sign in the box, showing the broken parts, and attach the pictures to your email. If the box that the sign came in is also damaged, be sure to take photos of that too. We'll respond to your email ASAP and offer you two options: you can have another sign shipped to you right away, or you can get an immediate refund, it's up to you.

Terms of the service 

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