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Price List For Custom Neon Signs

Please use this as your guide to creating your sign; please send a picture of what you want to get the start and place your order online.


17.7 ‘x 10’    $191.25

19.6 x 15 inches: $212.50

21.6 x 18 inches $233.75

23.6 x 19inches $255

25.5 x 20 inches $276.25

27.5x 9 inches  $297.50

29.5x 22 inches  $318.75

31.4x 27 inches $340

33.4 x 25 inches $361.25

35 x 28inches  $382.50

37.4 x 30 inches $403.75

39.3 x 32 inches $600

47.2  40 inches $720

51.18x 48  inches $780

59x 48 inches $ 900

78.7x 52  inches $1200

98.4x 59 inches $1500


Here is the size list; if you purchase today, we will give you a 5% discount. If your purchase something over39 inches, we will give you 10% off. 



Uv print :5%

Multicolor: $50

Dimmer : $25 

Waterproof option $120


Glass neon sign is 15% more than PVC neon.


If you place your order with us within 3 days, I will give you a 5% discount on your custom sign.


Please provide us with a logo and size for a mock, and then we can start your order.


Pvc is made of silicone, and Glass neon is actual made of glass and luminous glass.


AFTER you have confirmed you're mock, you can go ahead and place your order on our website, and in 1-2 weeks, you can pick up your sign.

How to get started with us?

Please send us your logo or tell us the name you want to get in a neon sign.

   If you don’t have a font for your name, we will redirect you to a website that provides cool fonts.


Many people aren’t familiar with what size to get to recommend the minimum size first, and then we can move forward from there.


Once you have sent us a picture and confirm the font, I will provide the price to complete your requested design.

We will also provide a mock-up so you could see what it would look like in neon.


Once you have confirmed all information, we will place your mockup on the website along with the quote we provided to you so you can place your order.



N.B: All orders will take up 9-10 business days. Pick up is available, and we do offer free shipping for orders over $250


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