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Glass and Led Neon signs made to light your own world.

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Neon signs are an ideal eye-catching moment to your home decor or party, making a simple life more colourful and exciting.

Neon signs are prevalent for home decors, wedding decors, Birthday Gifts, Work out Areas, Man Caves, Youtube wall decors, Salon Shops, Dj Studios, Commercial Signs and Holiday Decors and gift, so wait no longer and shop one of our beautifully handmade neon signs.

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Neonz takes a significant part in shredding knowledge to their customers, enlightening them with the right to know more. Our company is 100% organic when it comes on to creating our signs. A team of four with excellent knowledge and experience building the neon signs you love. Unlike others, we make our signs locally at home with our CNC machines and materials to complete your orders in a timely and professional manner.


Our proud owner strives for customer service and giving back to the less unfortunate. So, we always donate 5% of our monthly earnings to charities and communities that could use our help. 


If you want a personalized neon sign, customized neon word sign, neon bar sign, neon sculpture, or something unique, we can make it for you!

We have designed a wide range of customized neon light signs for wedding party decor, events and birthdays.


Need gift ideas? A customized neon sign is a standout present. Design your own personalized neon name signs for the home bar or garage. How about a wall art neon sign for the bedroom, living room or man cave?



Take your pick of our freestanding neon lamps. Contact us to get the best services possible, and we also redesign logos and font type to your liking making sure your sign is different from any neon sign we have created before.

Businesses are finding that modern neon flex products can be used for more than just open neon signs. Hipster neon word lights feature in co-work spaces; neon wall art adorns coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and diners; neon light-up signs appear in beauty salons and barbershops; neon quote signs are found in nightclubs and yoga studios.

Food trucks, pop-ups, boutiques, hair salons, and entrepreneurial businesses that cater to the Instagram generation use neon light-up signs to significant effect. Want to get people talking about your business? Add a neon wall decoration as a backdrop for those all-important selfies! Savvy start-ups and the know marketing agencies deploy on-trend neon art and quirky signs to generate free advertising via social media shares.


What is the importance of a neon sign?

After a long period of self-quarantine and lockdown, once life gets back to normal and the businesses reopen, the streets, restaurants and outdoor activities will be flooded with people who have been counting the days to get out of their houses. This is exactly the moment that businesses should seize the opportunities for their recovery by the appropriate advertising.

Innovative and creative solutions based on new consumer behavior shift is what brands need in order to stand out, and customer engagement is the key to gain market share. By focusing on loyal existing customers through creating new campaigns to adjust their current needs and applying discounts, offers or saving options, this goal is attainable.

Trusted by Tory Lanez, The Umbrella Logo

Jordan 1 light up sign

tory lanez forever umbrella

Jordan shoe neon sign

ovo owl neon sign


Where can you use a sign?

They are small signs created on acrylic substrates and are used in:

– Hospitals and clinics 
– Building lobbies and elevators
– Hallways to show floors
– On the door of restrooms
– Gyms & Spas

- Barber Salons 

- Room decoration 

Best GIFT IDEA FOR 2021?

The best gift idea for 2021 is getting a custom neon wall art made to perfection the person receiving the gifts needs. Here are some of top 20 best Custom neon ideas for gifts in 2021 and 2022 Neonz.

1.Birthday Neon Gift

2.House warming gift 

3. Man cave neon sign gift

4. Wedding proposal neon sign saying" i love you will you marry me?

5. Bedside neon lamp

6. Garage Neon sign for your husband or boyfriend

7. Dj logo sign for parties 

8. House party neon sign 

9. Club neon signs 

10 Bar Neon Signs 

11. Kitchen Neon

12. Dog house neon sign

13. Neon signs for events 

14. New Condo Neon Sign

15. Youtube Neon Sign 

16. Christmas Neon Sign

17. Mother's Day Neon Sign

18. Cartoon Neon Signs

19. Modern Art Neon signs

20. House number Signs

At neonz, we prefer to talk to our customers when designing their neon signs. We want to

make sure they get the best designs possible for their money's worth. Customers generally don't mind making their own sign, so because of that, our website is under construction rebuilding the "Custom Area so that it is a lot easier and more modern for a customer to make their sign.

How to make a custom neon Sign?

Neon signs are the new wave of modern art and kids and adults are being exposed to this leaving them curious on how its actually made.

Before I tell you how its made we have to let you know the different types of neon signs that can be made:

Glass Neon Signs

Pvc Neon Signs

Glass Neon Signs: 

Classic neon signs are composed of flexible, sealed glass tubes filled with inert gas. The tubes are bent and twisted to form a word or shape and are typically powered by electricity. When plugged in, electrons stream through the gas, making its atoms illuminate and creating a color determined by the types of gases used.

Neon is a noble gas that itself produces an orange hue.

Other glass tubes may be filled with:

  • Hydrogen: to produce a red color

  • Mercury: for blue

  • Helium: for a yellow color

A mix of gases and chemicals are also used to develop secondary colors that are not a primary color like those above. For instance, using mercury and helium to create green.

Nowadays, you can buy EL wire, which is used in DIY crafts, to create your own neon signs. EL wire comes in a range of colors and has a battery pack. This means you can use your neon sign every night with just the press of a button.

Whether hung in your business or your home, neon signs are a fun lighting option that displays your passion without upping your electric bill.

Neon signs can spell out your name or an inspirational word. You may also prefer a neon sign that shows off your favorite food, drink, animal, or natural wonder. They can be as simple or complex as you like; it’s a completely customizable design feature that depends solely on your taste.

Outside of homes and business windows, we’ve seen neon signs utilized at some of the top landmarks and tourist destinations across the globe.

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